“Little Raiders”

Raids Over York is many things for many people, but one thing it aspires to do is interest and encourage our younger generations to find out more about life and times in York during World War Two.

Our eldest generation will be the final generation that remembers and experienced the war at first hand. They were children, teenagers at most, during the war, meaning that how they experienced the war was seen through eyes and understood by minds as inquisitive and unknowing as our children today.

‘What A Lucky Escape’

University of York undergraduates, Tab Kaye, Lauren Cheetham-Birmingham and with the amazing animation of fellow student Emma Gough, have made a children’s animation called ‘What A Lucky Escape’ for Raids Over York. It is aimed at 7-11 year olds (KS2 pupils).

Their brilliant video follows James on his journey around York during the night of one of the raids on the city, as he tries to find his friend, Tara.

In his search, James discovers some of the types of problems that were faced by people on the night of that raid in York.

…But just as it looks like it might be a sad story for Tara, is there hope among the rubble?

‘What A Lucky Escape’: Animation by Tab Kaye and Lauren Cheetham-Birmingham,

In addition to the fab video, Tab, Lauren and Emma have produced a cartoon education pack for KS2 pupils and teachers to use; have a look here!

Get creative!

We want you to get creative – to draw a picture, write a story, or maybe even make something in MineCraft?!

If you know somebody in your family who remembers the war, or perhaps they knew of somebody in the family who did, why not tell us about what they did in the war or said it was like. You could do this by making a painting or writing a story, or anything else that is really creative and fun!!

Did you know that during the war, York school, children often only had half days at school! What would you have done for the other half day when you weren’t at school? Again, why not draw what you would have done or write about it!

Then just get an adult to send us a photo or scan of your drawing or story (or anything else you’ve made that is amazing) – to raidsoveryork@outlook.com or via social media – and we’ll be jumping with joy to add it to this page. Just remember to tell us your name, how old you are, and where you live (and which school you go to, perhaps?) – and it doesn’t have to be in York.

Good luck!

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