Interactive Digital Map

York Railway Station damage following the 29th April 1942 raid on the city. Image: York Press/ Northern Echo.

Welcome to the Raids Over York interactive Digital Map

The Raids Over York digital team will roll-out an interactive digital map on this webpage to allow you to explore your local area of the city to better understand in what ways it was affected by the WW2 air raids. This will help record how people experienced the raids at the time, the structures that were built to defend and best deal with the raids, and also evidence of their existence still to this day. It is hoped that this will stir greater appreciation of these structures and stories and provide WW2 heritage trails across the city.

How is it interactive? Over the next two years, as the 80th anniversaries of the 10 raids are celebrated in the city, you will be able to add your own discoveries of air-raid shelters and bomb damage, as well as memories and photos that you have of you or relative’s experience of the raids.

We look forward to being able to make available a test prototype of the digital map very soon, and with a city-wide interactive map coming in early 2021.

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