‘Raids Over York’ website is GO GO GO !!

Raids Over York is delighted to launch its website.

In the coming months and years … in fact for the duration of the 80th anniversaries of the 10 individual raids on York that will fall between 11 August 2020 and 24 September 2022, much more content will be added to this website and promoted through our social media channels and those of our partners.

We especially look forward to being able to announce exciting anniversary events and activities for members of the public to get involved with. Our intention was to start with a bang – if you’ll excuse the pun – for the first raid, but the Covid-19 restrictions have prevented us from doing so. Nevertheless, with nine more anniversaries to come, we will prevail!

The best way for you to keep up-to-date with what is happening with all things related to Raids Over York is to subscribe to email updates using the panel below:

Welcome onboard!

One thought on “‘Raids Over York’ website is GO GO GO !!

  1. My grandad, Joe Morgetroyd, was in a reserved occupation as a boiler smith at York engine shed, so he would have seen a lot of the damage. His wife, Betty, went to stay with her grandparents in Tow Law, Co Durham, when my dad was born in 1942


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