Trouble in The Groves; York’s 6th “raid”

The early hours of this morning marks the anniversary of the sixth air raid on York during World War II.  A lone bomber dropped 250 incendiary bombs across the city and another followed a couple of hours later dropping high explosive bombs and causing destruction in The Groves district of the city. It tragically alsoContinue reading “Trouble in The Groves; York’s 6th “raid””

The terrifying details of the 5th “raid” on York

This evening marks the anniversary of the fifth air raid on York during World War II. It was the first raid to use incendiary bombs in such a deliberate way and scale. It came about following recent attempts to ‘torch’ other British towns and cities – the most infamous being Coventry, which was severely damagedContinue reading “The terrifying details of the 5th “raid” on York”

Remembering Tragic Prelude to the First Raid.

While Raids Over York focuses on the 10 targeted and deliberate raids on the city by the Luftwaffe, there were other incidences of bombs being accidentally dropped or “dumped” on or near the city by German bombers eager to lighten their load when either returning home or being chased by R.A.F. planes. One such incidentContinue reading “Remembering Tragic Prelude to the First Raid.”

‘Raids Over York’ website is GO GO GO !!

Raids Over York is delighted to launch its website. In the coming months and years … in fact for the duration of the 80th anniversaries of the 10 individual raids on York that will fall between 11 August 2020 and 24 September 2022, much more content will be added to this website and promoted throughContinue reading “‘Raids Over York’ website is GO GO GO !!”