‘Raids’ going global

Raids Over York has gone global !! – with Jane contacting us from New Zealand to tell us about her grandpa, Cyril Barlow, who was an A.R.P. Warden in Strensall.

Cyril was 37 when war broke out and was very involved as a civilian at Strensall camp. (In civilian life, Cyril had a cycle and taxi business, based out of his house on Station Road, Strensall. He worked in it until his death in 1974)

Cyril Barlow and Strensall ARP ‘pals’; Cyril stood second from the right. Image: Jane Smelt

Jane has also provided a great group photo of Strensall’s ARP personnel. Cyril is standing and second from the right, the names of the other ARP can be found on the ‘People’ page of Raids Over York: https://raidsoveryork.co.uk/the-people/ … Perhaps you are related to one of them?

Cyril Barlow, assumed to be outside his home in Strensall. Image: Jane Smelt

Jane mentions that her mother (Cyril’s daughter) also served in York during the war – in the Observer Corps on the Knavesmire where she was based with “B Group”.

The openness of the Knavesmire provided an excellent position to spot incoming Luftwaffe planes, and hosted some of the city’s main anti-aircraft batteries.

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