Celebrating ‘the people’ at the heart of York’s raids

Our ‘people’ element of Raids Over York is starting to take shape: https://raidsoveryork.co.uk/the-people/

It celebrates the lives of those who were directly or indirectly effected by the 11 raids on York during WW2.

Part of this task is to help identify those who are often now sadly forgotten or only known to their family. This has led Raids Over York to seek information of those who feature in a handful of ARP group photos that were taken in York during the war and are now held at York Explore City Archives.

Following a story of the appeal in York Press, the fabulous details of the ‘missing names’ on our ARP group photos keep on coming.

Kerry C. contacted Raids Over York after her father recognised his father (Kerry’s grandfather), Ernest Pallister, in the Layerthorpe / Hallfield Road ARP photograph.

Ernest Pallister

At the time of the war, Ernest lived in a street off Hull Road and worked at the local brickworks. Kerry said her dad picked Ernest out of the picture and was surprised he was in the ARP, as Ernest never mentioned it to his son. (Sadly too frequently was the case!). While Ernest died when Kerry was only 2 years old, her mother remembers Ernest had a limp and had told her it was a shrapnel injury he got in the war; (maybe whilst the raids were happening?) Ernest worked for many years at York Railway Station as a Porter until he died. 

Read about other identified and still to be identified York ARP heroes: https://raidsoveryork.co.uk/the-people/

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