Digital Map is GO!!

Raids Over York is delighted to launch its interactive digital map today – ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Baedeker Raid on April 29 2022.

The map records how and where people experienced the raids, including structures that were built to allow them to best cope with the raids, and also where there’s evidence of the war still remaining today.

The map allows you to explore widely across the city so as to better understand how the city’s communities were affected by the 11 raids.

The map is the creation of the University of York’s Department of Archaeology, one of the partners of the Raids Over York project.

One thought on “Digital Map is GO!!

  1. There is evidense that 2 Bombs (size unknown) that landed on Creighton Bridge either side at the Rail Embankment. There are also a number on Face Book Groups in York that also have a wealth of Information and Firsthand accounts .


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