Experiencing ‘the Raid’

As a prelude to the 80th anniversary of the ‘Baedeker Raid’ this Friday – the 29th April, Raids Over York has been working with University of York student, Eleanor Richardson, to produce three, short YouTube videos about the raid.

Eleanor has been with the Archives Team at York Explore Libraries & Archive as part of an IPUP placement, working through their collection.

Her second video charts the memories of ARP Warden Shearing of the Baedeker Raid.

Eleanor’s final video, which will be posted via the Raids Over York and York Explore’s social media tomorrow on Friday, examines the importance of Rest Centres and rehousing people following the destruction.

2 thoughts on “Experiencing ‘the Raid’

  1. If Helen or anyone wishing to meet re the 29 April 1942, I will be at York Memorial Gardens as 12.00 and available to chat on David.Ruddock@hotmail.co.uk. This is a Living History Issue, but no one like to remember. Yet So many Groups state inaccuracies.


  2. Hi from New Zealand.
    Having reached the more mature age of 81 and raised in Clifton, York before moving with my wife and two children to New Zealand in 1969 having visited there in the mid 1960 ‘s whilst an engineer officer in the Merchant Navy. We still keep and eye on York through the daily electronic version of The Press. I co founded the Yorkshire Society of New Zealand inc ten years ago (currently we have in eces of 100 members) and arrange the Zoom link with the two of our local NZ Mayors and the Mayor of the town or city who are hosting the event on August 1st (Yorkshire day) in UK – 2021 saw this link with York.
    Having provided some background, now down to the 1942 RAID on York and the follow up bombing over the period that followed the end of our street Avenue Terrace had the two top of the street houses destroyed by a bomb- you will note that the replacement houses are part of the next street now. On a visit some years ago I found the one on the left was occupied by a family who had brother who also lived in New Zealand.

    My late father was very cunning and he placed me in suitable sized box and placed it in the chimney – It went in white and came out black caused by soot . I can remember also the sirens going off and the air raid wardens checking on us to ensure that the black out was placed in the windows properly. I was informed that the steel table we had was ” bomb proof” and we hid underneath it.

    Bring it forward to 2022 and the war and effect it is having with people in the the Ukraine – I can understand how the people there feel and people like me an my friends experienced back in the 1940’s – not good emotionally I can tell you.

    Back to your event today in the Museum Gardens please give Sylvia(also a Yorkshire born Lass – Selby) and my kind regards and trust that all goes well for you (any pictures being taken?)

    We do not use Facebook

    Kind regards




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