Trouble in The Groves; York’s 6th “raid”

The early hours of this morning marks the anniversary of the sixth air raid on York during World War II. 

A lone bomber dropped 250 incendiary bombs across the city and another followed a couple of hours later dropping high explosive bombs and causing destruction in The Groves district of the city. It tragically also led to a fatality and numerous casualties.

There were, however, also remarkable “lucky escapes” – including two air raid wardens who survived in their observation shelter despite a 50kg bomb exploding a few metres away.

Read the full story of the sixth raid here. It includes an additional focus on York’s brick and concrete roofed air-raid shelters. Have you one in your backyard or garden? Then send us a photo!

2 thoughts on “Trouble in The Groves; York’s 6th “raid”

  1. Hello – I am contacting you to clartify some details of the 5th Bomb of the 2nd Wave of the 6th raid (16th Jan 1941). The bomb landed in the yard/outbuildings of 32 Brownlow Street, which were at the side of No1 Dudley Street seperated from No 1 by the back lane that led to the rear of the Dudley St. houses. Also Harold Bond did not die on the same day, but 3 days later (19th January) in Hospital of Pneumonia while recovering from a operation on his liver, as a result of his injury from the raid. I have a picture of the damage to 32 Brownlow St. which was taken on the day and also a copy of the pess cutting from the Yorkshire Gazette about the raid if you would like digital copies.
    Kind regards
    Harold Bond – grandson of Harold Bond


    1. Hello Harold. Many thanks for contacting g Raids Over York. It is profoundly humbling to be contacted by somebody who was affected directly by the raids albeit in such a sad way. We will be very pleased to make the corrections as you indicate. The Raids Over York project is always open to such corrections, especially when they come from such a direct source. We would be extremely grateful to have a digital copy of the damage to 32 Brownlow St.and a copy of the press cutting from the Yorkshire Gazette. I will email you directly regarding this. Thanks, Duncan (Raids Over York Team).


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